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Artist’s Statement

Each painting, or series, is its own event, existing in my life for a period of time, frequently a long time. My path is to surrender to the organic growth of each painting—a dialogue between following the painting's thread and “following my noodle.”

Primarily I’m an abstract painter, although I allow, even encourage, references to the natural world—both literal and metaphorical—to have their way. I make a gesture, I nullify it. I add, subtract, conceal, reveal, wipe out, begin again. Accidents and incidents are a desired part of this process and I cultivate what comes my way. It's like an internal jazz jam session.

I make my own paint using raw pigments and Venetian turpentine, mixing paint as I go. I work on wood panels to which I apply joint compound, and with various tools, coax this material into a somewhat sculptural surface. I stabilize the fragility of the ground with several coats of polymer varnish.

During the course of painting, as I apply layers of pigment, I use fine steel wool to bring up colors from the underlayers. Since drying time is involved, I work on several pieces concurrently.

As an artist, my core beliefs drop anchor in the following statement, written by the abstract painter Richard Pousette-Dart (1916-1992), which I've taken the liberty to put forth as a poem.

The best way to talk about art
is to work
The best way to study art
is to work
The best way to think about art
is to work





Practice, Practice, Practice (Self Portrait Number II) 2009

joint compound, raw pigment, glass beads, polymer varnish, Venetian medium
on museum board, mounted on wood panel
8 1/2" x 10 1/2"












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